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Career Path Selection

How do I choose a career?

Answer your own question by answering the following questions:

i) What are your talents?

ii) What is your education?

iii) What would you like to do with your employment future?

Grab a piece of paper and write down your answers to these questions.

You can obtain the job you want if you have the drive to set goals and pursue them. Many Canadians and immigrants have fantastic educational backgrounds and employment history, but give up in the pursuit of suitable employment. Regardless of being a local or a newcomer, you must have the correct experience, education, and be ready to search long and hard for an opportunity. Toronto is the land of dreams, but you have to work for it.

New Graduates must be willing to start at the bottom! Nothing worthwhile is ever easy, but if your aspirations are reasonable with respect to your education and work history, you can get to where you want to go. Now let’s examine ourselves.

Honest Self-Assessment
Consider your education, background, experience and talents. What kind of job suits you? Be realistic, if you want to be a pilot then you better have a pilot’s license. If you want to be a surgeon, then you better have your medical degree. Now…do you have the education and/or job experience to obtain the job of your dreams?

If your answer is no, don’t give up! Training may be the key. Consider a Career College or other form of education to advance yourself. Many come to Canada with a degree and upgrade their skills from a high end University such as the University of Toronto.

Where does your university rank? See a list of Top Universities.

Education is great, but experience matters most. You can always grab a low end job and rise up over time. Consider building your experience through an internship.

If you have high end education/employment experience, then proceed to our “Resume and Applying Page“. Located here are resume tips, interview tips, and a free cover letter and resume sample.

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