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Example Resumes and Applying

One of the most important tasks to perform in the search for employment, is to get your resume to as many companies as possible. An associate of mine recently found themselves unemployed. They sent two hundred resumes to as many companies. They received five interviews and two job offers. Why am I telling this to you? Maybe you’re thinking you’re unemployable or no one will hire you. I can guarantee they won’t hire you if they don’t have your resume!!! Pepper all employers whether they have posted employment opportunities or not. More jobs are hidden (never posted), than those that are posted. Send your resume blindly to companies. Once again, you can’t be hired unless the hiring company has your resume. If you truly want a job, send out a few hundred resumes. If that doesn’t give you the response you desire, reevaluate your resume, your suitability for the jobs you are applying to, and the companies you are applying to. If you feel that you have everything in order on all fronts, then send out four hundred more resumes. You should send your resume out frequently. A company may send you a letter saying that they will keep your resume on file for six months, but my experience says this is not true. If your resume isn’t available when they are hiring, they won’t be hiring you!
I was once asked if it is possible to send too many resumes to one company. With most companies, they will respect your persistence. If asked by a potential employer why you sent them so many resumes, tell them that the numerous resumes were fueled by your desire to gain employment within their fine company.
What is contained in the resume and cover letter? Well, it’s your sales pitch. The reason why you are an ideal candidate for the position at hand. Sell yourself with your resume to the company, then go into the interview and tell them why you are the one for the job. Be sure not to put anything which you cannot support in your resume.
Example Resumes

Below is a link for a simple free cover letter and free resume sample. I’ve also included the free example resume templates from Microsoft Word. You can fill your information into any of these templates. Microsoft Word also includes a resume wizard, which you can use to make a customized resume.

>Click Here For a Free Cover Letter and Free Sample Resume<

Resume Examples :
Resume Example #1 – Contemporary Resume Template

Resume Example #2 – Elegant Resume Template